Volleyball tournament looks to spike fund-raising

Serving as hard as he can, junior Riley Wilkins practices for hours with his eyes set on one goal: winning the tournament. Accompanied by five other juniors, Wilkins will compete Thursday against other classmates, where only one group will be victorious.

The Junior Class will be hosting a volleyball tourney, putting six teams of  juniors and seniors in head-to-head in multiple games at the gym starting at 5 p.m.

“I’m extremely excited,” Wilkins said. “Volleyball is a really fun sport, and not to brag or anything, but I’m very good.”

Each team consists of three boys and three girls, with each contestant paying $10, which will go directly toward funding Prom, ultimately lowering the price needed to be paid.

“Originally, I thought it was too much,” Wilkins said. “But since it’s going towards Prom, I was like why not.”

This event is one of many completed by the Junior Class, as others included a Movie Night and various Spirit Nights; however, this particular fund-raiser differs from the others.

“When we were discussing what to do, we wanted to create an event that students actually wanted to participate in,” Junior Class Treasurer Ishaan Jathal said. “Taking inspiration from Powderpuff, a sporting event was a great idea.”

With $6,000 raised so far, the Junior Class is banking on a success.

“We’ve gotten a few teams signed up from both juniors and seniors,” Jathal said. “It’ll definitely be good, as people have been pretty excited about it.”

Underclassmen and students not partaking in the tournament can still support the Junior Class by coming out and watching the games.

By Julien Wakim