Vine’s voice nets $500 scholarship

Senior Michaela Vine won a $500 scholarship for her singing at Drama Districts on Nov. 5.  West Shore finished with superiors for the majority of events.
Senior Joseph Held performed three events: large group musical, small group musical, and a duet musical.
“Troupe 6034 did really well,” he said. “It was really nice to see all our friends from other schools and then being able to beat them in the end. For all of my three events I received superiors, the highest rating, so I was very happy with the way things turned out.”

Chorus teacher Maureen Fallon has been reviewing and critiquing the participants on and off since the beginning of the year.

“It was a great day,” Fallon said. “It’s exciting to see the students so successful and so many of them qualify to go onto State Festival in March.”

Vine also received critic’s choice for her solo musical.

“Since it’s my senior year I was only expecting to have fun,” Vine said. “I didn’t even know that I had won Judge’s Choice until the troupe was attacking me yelling ‘You won!’ At that point, I was already extremely happy and then when they announced the scholarship winners. It was one of those moments where you found something that you truly love. I was speechless. I’m so glad I was able to represent Troupe 6034, and that I get to go out with a bang.”

The rest of the results are as follows:

Large Group Musical – Superior – “If This Isn’t Love (Finians’ Rainbow)” – Riley Audet, Alex Colon, Jimmy Carroll, Erika Caliari, Adam Davidson, Emily Davidson, Ariana Dresner, Rachel Dunkel, Erin Mehlich, Justin Mehlich, Ben Moor, Dylan Morrongiello, Lauren Sadowski, Vivian Taylor, Michaela Vine and Paige Wendrzyk.

Large Group Musical – Superior – “What’s Up Duloc (Shrek)” Sydney Balgo, Caroline Baney, Dylan Bell, Hana Bilicki, Stephanie Delgado, Joe Held, Jackie Heller, Richard Klenotich, Kara Marin, John McFarland, Kristina Manning, Caroline Miller, Randy Slomin, Evy Sotolongo and Sara-Renee Weatherby.Small Group Musical – Superior – Anything Goes (Anything Goes) Erika Caliari, Adam Davidson, Ariana Drsener, Rachel Dunkel, Justin Mehlich, Michaela Vine

Small Group Musical – Superior – “Real Live Girl (Little Me)” Riley Audet, Alex Colon, Jimmy Carroll, Joe Held, Richard Klenotich, John McFarland, Ben Moor

Small Group Musical – Superior – “Raise Your Voice (Sister Voice)” Caroline Baney, Hana Bilicki, Stephanie Delgado, Jackie Heller, Kristina Miller, Caroline Miller, Vivian Taylor

Duet Musical – Superior – Erika Caliari/Rachel Dunkel
Duet Musical – Superior – Joseph Held/Dylan Morrongiello
Duet Musical – Superior – Kara Marin/Sara Tennant
Solo Musical – Superior – Dylan Morrongiello
Solo Musical – Superior – Michaela Vine

Duet Acting – Superior – Deanna Ebling/Mary-Elizabeth Jobson
Duet Acting – Superior – Adam Davidson/Jimmy Carroll
Duet Acting – Superior – John McFarland/Ben Moor
Monologue – Superior – Sara-Renee Weatherby
Pantomime – Superior – Caroline Baney/Justin Mehlich
Pantomime – Superior – Kara Marin/Evy Sotolongo/Sara Tennant

Playwriting – Excellent – Sara-Renee Weatherby
Duet Musical – Excellent – Kristina Manning/Randy Slomin
Solo Musical – Excellent – Stephanie Delgado

Solo Musical – Good – Vivian Taylor

Monologue – Good – Caroline Miller
Monologue – Good – Riley Audet
Monologue – Good – Richard Klenotich
Ensemble Acting – Good – Mary-Elizabeth/Sara-Renee Weatherby/Ryan Wheat