Underclass final exams start Friday

With the end of the school year closing in, that means final exams are too. Junior Ishaan Jathal said he’s not too worried about finals though because everything comes easy for him.

“I took five AP classes so I don’t really have to worry about studying for finals,” Jathal said. “Even if I did have many finals to take, I wouldn’t need to score that high because I’ve been keeping up throughout the year.”

Sophomore Kyle Peters, on the other hand, said he’s put himself in a difficult situation.

“I’ve really slacked off this semester. I don’t want to blame myself completely as there were many factors, but I’m at fault partially,” he said. “All I know is I’ve got to try harder next time and do my best on the finals.”

Jathal said he empathizes with his classmates — to a point.

“I’m chilling but I see other people freaking out about finals,” he said. “I try to help, but most of the time my efforts are put to waste. I honestly want everyone to do well, but they probably won’t.”

Underclassmen exams begin with the seventh-period test Friday. Fifth- and sixth-period exams will be given Tuesday. Third- and fourth-period exams will be given Wednesday, and first- and second-period exams will be given Thursday.

By Mohammad Abdullah