Thermostat change cools Room 10-101

Workers from the Brevard School District repaired the air conditioning in Room 10-101 Thursday, allowing Maria Sotolongo’s TV production students to enjoy cool air for the first time this school year.

Unlike past years, the temperatures for all the schools in Brevard is centrally controlled from Rockledge, restricting schools from regulating their own classroom temperatures. The district’s set point for air conditioning is 76 degrees, but because Room 10-101 room doesn’t have a thermostat, the classroom temperature is regulated by the thermostat in the library.

“It’s been an ongoing problem. If it is 76 degrees in the library, it might be 80 degrees or hotter in Mrs. Sotolongo’s room,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said.

The solution was to lower the library’s air conditioning to 73 degrees, causing the classroom to be the regulated 76 degrees.

“I’m really happy they fixed the air,” said junior Andrew Derrick, one of Sotolongo’s students. “The heat was very distracting, and it was difficult to stay focused in class.”

Although this problem was fixed, if the school needs to alter the air conditioning schedule in the future, Melia has to fill out paperwork and send the request to the district.

“It used to be that we could go over and push a button, but now they can just shut it off remotely from Rockledge,” Melia said. “The paperwork is a hassle, but the new program has probably saved the Brevard School District thousands upon thousands of dollars. It’s for the best.”

By Keiran Sheridan