Tenali takes county debate title

Junior Aalekya Tenali defeated Shane Caldwell of Space Coast Junior/Senior High school to place first in the Brevard County debate championship April 10.

With a sweep in the first round of competition, Tenali received a pass directly to the semifinals. Arguing the affirmative of the resolution, “The American media works against the best interest of the American public,” Tenali won and made her debate coach Susan Woyshner proud.

“Shane was a strong competitor,” Woyshner said, “but Aalekya rattled him.”

Woyshner went on to commend Tenali on her strong argument because, she said, the judges are not always completely objective. Tenali said the hardest part was coming up with her argument, but the excitement of winning made the hard work worth it.

“I actually wasn’t nervous,” Tenali said. “I’m just glad I didn’t lose in front of everyone.”

Juniors Brittany Cho and Tryphina Mikhail tied for third place in the finals, and history teacher Bob Sarver was impressed by the competitors.

“It was one of the most, if not the most, impressive displays of knowledge and mastery of language that I’ve ever seen,” Sarver said.

By Jenna Forry