Students to match wits with teachers

The Sophomore Class will present the school’s first-ever  “Are You Smarter than a Teacher” competition Nov. 14 starting at 4:30 pm in the auditorium. The event is open to all students to compete for a chance to win candy or gift cards.

According to Sophomore Class sponsor Gabrielle Powers, the competition will be played “Brain Bowl” style.

“We will have the clicker system set up and we ask the questions and the two groups work on them,” Powers said. “So whichever team rings in first can answer it. Whichever [team] would ring in first and answer correctly gets the point.”

Students will be in groups of four to five to compete against teachers from various disciplines.

“Students should play because it gives them a chance to really test their knowledge and their teachers’ knowledge. They could learn several new things, and they just might be smarter than their teacher,” sophomore class President Moses Chavez-Gray said. “Also it’s a great way for the students and faculty to get together.”

“Are You Smarter than a Teacher” will be another fund-raiser for Sophomore Class.

“[Students] would pay to compete as a student group and people would pay to come buy tickets for the event and watch the competition,” Powers said.

Those who are interested in competing should see Powers in 15-105.

By David Thompson