Students add jobs to busy schedules

Freshman Madeleine Coalter and Sophomore Kyle Peters have recently begun jobs in search for money and a way to spend their free time. They are among other students including sophomores James Green and Chase Burton, who work at Chick-fil-a, and Hunter Scott, who works at Mustard’s Last Stand.

Coalter said since cheer ended, she wanted to find something to fill her extra time that she had after school and at the same time make money.

“I knew that it would be hard to get a job at 15, but I downloaded the app “Indeed” and searched places hiring around my area,” Coalter said. “When I saw Chick-fil-a as one of them, I was excited because I knew that they will hire at 15 since Chase Burton and James Green also work there. I applied and that same day a woman called me asking if I would like to schedule an interview.”

Coalter said the job has had control over the rest of her life because she is forced to sometimes structure her personal and school schedules around her work schedule.

“Now that I have a job on top of school and my social life, I’ve been learning how to manage my time wisely,” Coalter said. “If I know that I have multiple hours of homework on a day that I work after school, I try to plan ahead and get it done during the free time I have like Power Hour.”

Peters, on the other hand, said he simply wanted a job because he wanted money and is currently going through a change.

“I quit my last job because I only worked an hour a week and didn’t get paid enough,” Peters said.

Peters and Coalter said that if you had free time on your hands and wanted to keep yourself busy and make money at the same time, you should look into applying for a job.

“Also, I enjoy working at the mall because I often see my friends who are there to shop,” Coalter said. “It’s a good environment, and everyone who works there is really nice.

By Luca Sullivan