Student-faculty dodgeball game proves popular, controversial

The student-faculty dodgeball game was held Tuesday, Nov. 26, leaving in its wake controversy regarding the rules of the game and possible cheating on both sides.

“[Administration] was just coming back into the game randomly, even if nobody caught a ball,” senior Gage Giunta said.

Students singled out Assistant Principal Robert Farrell as being the biggest culprit of breaking the rules.

“I hit Mr. Farrell twice and he stood there, instead of coming out of the game,” Giunta said. “After hitting [JV basketball coach Derrick] Hamilton in the head, he did the same. However, several of our teammates were hit in the head and went out.”

Farrell denies that he obstructed any rules throughout any of the matches.

“I am an opportunity taker, not a cheater, there’s a difference,” Farrell said. “I see an opportunity, and I take it. I’m full throttle and sometimes that gets me into trouble.”

There were multiple strategies on how to throw the balls effectively, due to the fact that the balls were made of different material then regular dodge balls. Regular dodge balls are made of rubber, which make them heavier and more painful when they hit.

“You’ve got to throw these balls like a goalkeeper would,” junior Stryker Sinclair said. “You get more power and speed behind the ball this way.”

Although there was disputes about the rules of the game, students and administration alike would be willing to participate in the game in the future.  Both would like to see the game more organized next year, with more referees.

“I think Mr. Hamilton was definitely the faculty’s MVP,” Giunta said. “He was the only one getting anybody out, so we were aiming for him.”