State eliminates portion of online drivers’ permit test

Applicants for a Florida driver permit whose birthdays fall after Jan. 1 can no longer take the road signs and rules section of the test online, due to a change in state law. According to the Division of Motor Vehicles, the change was made because those who took the permit test online sometimes received help from a parent, sibling, book or the from Internet while taking the test, and as a result were not prepared for the next driving level.

“From what we understand, we did a poll which showed 80 percent of the kids did not

pass [the driver’s test],” said Linda Smith, office manager at the Brevard County Tax Collectors.

Applicants must now take the road signs and rules portion of the test at a DMV office or at the Sheriff’s Office, where  additional class also are offered.

Before taking the road signs and rules test, applicants must pass a drug, alcohol and traffic awareness (DATA) exam which is still offered via the Internet.

“I’m really happy that I can still take my DATA online because I tend to learn better in a relaxed environment,” Satellite High freshman Katelyn Caldwell said.  “I like the fact I can work at my own pace. I still think it’s too bad I can’t take the Road Signs and Rules online like some of my friends did.”  By Erika Dietl