SRO confident about job security

School Resource Officer Chuck Landmesser is not worrying about having to leave West Shore anytime soon, despite the recent elimination of three SRO in the district due to budget cuts .

“I feel pretty confident that they’re going to keep me here,” Landmesser  said. “The situation at those schools was different. Different requirements. It was more of a staffing issue.”

In light of the termination of SROs in Palm Bay at Heritage and Bayside high schools and Southwest Middle School, students are concerned.

“It would be less secure, and I would definitely feel not as safe at school,” freshman Deanna Ebling said.

Landmesser has been working as a police officer for 19 years and as an SRO for four years.

“Being a West Shore SRO is more proactive because it can teach you things,” Landmesser said. ” I want to be challenged and to help educate people.”

By Natalie Brown