Spring Break will arrive in March next year

Justin Ho, Staff Writer

Spring Break will arrive a few weeks earlier next year based on the new calendar recently released by the School Board. In addition, students will have three extra days off for Winter Break and an extra day off for President’s Day.

The board considered many changes, including extending Thanksgiving break to a full week, having students take their exams after Winter Break, moving Spring Break to March, and moving the last day of the school year from May 29 to May 22.

Along with the possibility of moving exams to after Winter Break, the School Board also looked into some other controversial changes to the calendar, such as starting the first day of school off on a Friday. However, most of these proposals never made it past the decision-making stage.

While the district didn’t fulfill all of the changes proposed to them by parents in its survey, it did consider extending the length of Spring Break and moving the beginning of the break earlier to March.

Junior Lauren Seifert wanted the district to consider the idea of having a full week off for Thanksgiving.

“Many families travel during this time and it involves many students missing school days,” Seifert said. “In my opinion, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for having a two-day week instead of rearranging the schedule to give us those two days.”

Junior Alexandre Beregi said he hopes the district decides to strategically space out the breaks, rather than keeping them close together.

“I feel like the most important aspect would be being smart about spacing out the days,” Beregi said. “I would personally rather have an extra half week or so for Spring Break rather than have a full week for Thanksgiving when a longer Christmas break is already right around the corner.”

The 2019-2020 school year calendar will look similar to 2018-2019 in terms of holidays length and teacher work days, but will start later and end earlier, barring any unforeseen weather circumstances.