Spirit Week

Melek Turkmen and Sterling Anderson

Known as “the best week of the year,” Spirit Week has finally arrived. The week will begin Sept. 21st, leading up to the much anticipated Homecoming dance. The daily themes are  ”’Murica Monday,” “Aloha Tuesday,” “College Spirit Wednesday,” “Class Color Thursday,” and “School Spirit Day.” From seventh to twelth grade, the class colors will be: yellow, purple, red, white, light blue, and dark blue.

“I’m really hyped for spirit week this year because I love getting all dressed up for the different days and seeing people show their school spirit,” senior Krissy Mendez said. “I’m really hoping that everyone will participate this year and be creative with what they wear.”

Last year, spirit week themes had difficulty getting approved. Administration rejected most of Student Government’s original ideas in fear that the themes could result in offensive attire or clothing that would go against dress code. This year, SGA had an easier time, choosing broad themes so people could interpret them the way they wanted.

“My friends and I have been planning a few things to wear, like for aloha day and class color day,” freshman Macie Goldfarb said. “My friend has red zink she wants all of us to wear on class color day and aloha day. For aloha day, we were thinking about dressing as tourists.”

Senior and President of Student Government Association Hannah Montgomery, explains how the themes were decided. “We brainstormed all the ideas and voted on them at a meeting,” said Montgomery. “Administration liked all the themes we picked for this year and approved them right away.”

Although Administration seemed to approve of the themes this year, Freshman Travis McClendon didn’t. ” They are extremely boring,” said McClendon. “Last year’s themes were way better. I don’t like how administration is limiting themes because they’re afraid how we’re all gonna go too far.”