Spanish Honor Society welcomes inductees, new club officers

When sophomore Thien-nhi Nguyen attended the National Spanish Honor Society induction meeting on Wednesday, she learned that she had been elected as historian for the club next year. The purpose of this final meeting of the year was to welcome new members to the club and to introduce the new officers.

“I decided to run for officer because I thought it was going to be a fun way to stay immersed in the Spanish culture and language, especially because I’m not taking a Spanish class next year,” Nguyen said. “Also, with COVID, the Spanish Honor Society hasn’t been able to host as many events or activities, so I wanted to have an opportunity to help change that and contribute to the fun. Overall, I just really love the diversity and all the traditions and celebrations of the Hispanic world and so, I wanted to continue to take part in it.”

Freshman Tanisha Bertilien, an inductee at the meeting, said she decided to join the club to learn more about the Spanish language and traditions.

“I wanted to join National Spanish Honor Society because I really enjoy learning about Spanish and its culture and wanted to find more ways to apply it to other parts of my life as well as learn about it more than I would in a regular Spanish class,” Bertilien said.

Bertilien said she enjoyed the meeting.

“My experience was pretty good and I felt really welcomed,” she said. “Nothing really surprised me though.”

Nguyen said the club may continue projects started this year.

“The plan was to renovate the patio area by the library, and we could continue adding to that and even adding plants or a butterfly garden to tend to for the Spanish Honor Society,” she said. “However, these ideas would have to be approved by the administration.”

Nguyen said the events for the club next year depend on the club’s budget.

 “I think it would be really fun to have a culture day though, where everyone brings food from a country,” she said. “ Also, it would be cool to do a field trip, maybe to watch different styles of dancing like flamenco, salsa, and merengue, since dancing is such a big part of Spanish culture. ”

By Ashvika Maddikonda