Spanish Honor Society officers elected

Spanish Honor Society will receive a fresh start next year due to the departure of each of its current officers. The club held an election last Friday to determine the new officers. Junior Luisa DeLaHoz will be president, junior Kelly Batache will be vice president, sophomore Jerry Sola will be secretary, sophomore Hannah LeBeau will be treasurer and sophomore Jasmine Greathouse will be historian.

Although none of the current officers is returning for next school year, the new officers are optimistic about the future.

“Even though I was unopposed, I was really happy to be announced as the next historian,” Greathouse said. “Spanish Honor Society is one of my favorite clubs and I can’t wait to see how the club expands and continues to thrive in the upcoming years.”

Batache said the club would have been in good shape even if the election results had been different.

“It was really awesome to win vice president,” Batache said. “I ran with Luisa DeLaHoz. We both really wanted this but the people running against us would’ve been really great leaders, so we were confident that Spanish Honor Society would’ve been in good hands whether we won or not. All the candidates had to make speeches before the club voted and Luisa and I were not prepared at all so it was a surprise to me that we won actually.”

The future officers are learning as much as possible from the current officers in order to prepare for next year.

“We are going to meet with the current president and vice president of the club now to get a feel for what we need to do throughout the year and what we can improve,” Batache said.  

By Auston Gonzalez