Sophomores ponder Capstone, dual-enrollment

Guidance counselors currently are providing information to help students decide which courses to take next year, and for sophomores, that means listening to presentations on the benefits of the AP Capstone and dual-enrollment programs.
According to College Board, AP Capstone — which is being offered at West Shore for the first time this year — provides students with an opportunity “to engage in rigorous scholarly practice of the core academic skills necessary for successful college completion.” Capstone consists of two courses: AP Seminar, taking in 11th grade, and AP Research, taken in 12th. The program is designed to complement and enhance other AP classes students might be taking.

“I absolutely recommend AP Capstone,” junior Gracie Parrish said. “It gets you prepared for all the research papers you will write in college. There is no other class specifically designed to help you write papers.”

Dual-enrollment, on the other hand, allows students to jump-start their college careers by taking classes at Eastern Florida State College while still in high school.

“Dual-enrolling is such a great experience and money-saver,” senior Bradley Mooney said. “It knocks out two years of college. Time is not something we should waste.”

Sophomore Kelly Batache left her informational session feeling unsure of what to do.
“It’s too overwhelming,” she said. “If I want to graduate with my AA degree, I need to do full-time at the college my senior year, but Capstone is a two-year class.”
While guidance counselors will offer advice, they cannot make decisions for students and their parents.
“Comments like this bring me back to square one,” Batache said.
By Sacha Laloo