Sophomores pitch in for Prom

The Sophomore Class recently formed an officers club which already has begun raising  money for the Junior Prom scheduled for April.

“We are in the early stages of the club, but many will enjoy the activities and fundraisers,” club sponsor Sue Woyshner said.  “We have a lot in store.”

Carnivals, concession stands  and car washes are among the ideas being considered to help offset the cost of Prom.

Club members plan to meet every Monday at 8 a.m in Portable 7, where Woyshner teaches language arts classes, to discuss fund-raising and event planning. In addition, the class officers remain committed to recruiting additional members of  the10th-grade class to join in their efforts.

” Raising money for the Junior Prom is very important so that the future 10th-grade classes can pay for our Prom and so on ,” sophomore Samantha Watson said.

By Sydney Saunders