Sophomore Brain Bowl approaching

This semester in sophomore homerooms, students will be participating in the brain bowl competition. The Brain Bowl will consist of different trivia questions. Last year, freshman homerooms competed in a Tri-Bond competition where students worked as a team to examine three words and determine main word that linked the three together. Students and teachers said they anticipate a good outcome in the end.

Sophomore class sponsor Gabrielle Powers said that Brain Bowl is significantly different from tri-bond.

“Brain Bowl includes all different categories and subjects,” she said. “The questions that students will be seeing there are just like Chemistry questions, or English questions, such as books that you’ve read or characters you’ve heard of. I think it might spark some interest in motivating students to learn, or it might even show how much you have learned in your years here as well.”

Powers added that the purpose of the Brain Bowl this year will be to give sophomore students practice for the actual Brain Bowl competition during their junior and senior years at Wildcat Challenge.

“This competition is done in preparation to give you [sophomores] an idea of what the tournament is like,” Powers said. “Often the juniors don’t know what to expect from the Brain Bowl because they did not get the practice they needed. As a result, some people feel it is an unfair advantage that the seniors have gotten the practice in a year’s advance.”

Sophomore Summer Rhodes, whose homeroom won the Tri-Bond competition last year, said she is excited for the Brain Bowl this year.

“Although I was surprised that our homeroom won last year, I had a lot of fun with the tournament,” Rhodes said. “I’m excited to compete in the Brain Bowl this year because I enjoy a little friendly competition between homerooms,” Rhodes said.

“I’m ready to dominate other homerooms.”

By: Briana Sandoval