Some AP teachers still require finals

Sarah Brusca, staff writer

Advanced Placement students stress all year about the test determining whether they get credit for the college level class or not: the national exam.  The stress of cramming new knowledge of college level criteria for one final exam should be enough, but not all teachers think the national exams that take place in May are enough to act as a final.  Some teachers give ABC finals to ease their students’ workload, while others believe in having a legitimate question and answer final.

“The whole purpose of my class is passing the [national] exam.  There’s no need to stress out the students with a second final, plus they have a lot of other exams,” AP U.S. History/AP Psychology teacher Jim Pustay said.  A majority of students agree with Pustay, stating that the ABC finals help relieve their stress.

“We’re so close to summer,” junior Ryan Bellone said.  “Not having an actual exam is great because I’m already in the relaxed summer I-don’t-care-about-anything mind set. ”

Though many students don’t want a final after taking a national exam, teachers still have to do their jobs.

“The district requires a final,” AP Language and Composition teacher Jeanie Griffin said. “English is different then other subjects: it’s a life-long skill and used regularly.  The extra practice won’t hurt.”

Students agree saying their finals are not particularly dreadful, but still are unwanted because of the need to study and stress over one last test.