SGA voting to take place Thursday

High-school students will be voting for next year’s Student Government Association officers on Thursday. Several ninth-graders have been campaigning for seats generally occupied by upperclassmen in the past. Freshmen Taylor Morgan and Scarlett Callahan are both running for secretary, while freshman Paula Kostro is running against sophomore Jackie Heller for treasurer.

“I want to make sure that we have a great year, while still being sure the underclassmen have a voice in what’s going on in SGA,” Kostro said. “I can offer a fresh perspective along with new ideas.”

Ninth graders not only believe they can provide a new way for SGA to run but also new ideas for annual events.

“I would really work hard towards making pep rallies more enjoyable,” Callahan said. “I know how boring they can be but I also think with the right planning they could be fun.”

Candidates to appear on the ballot are:

For president: juniors Nicolas De La Hoz and Bianca Taraschi

For vice president: sophomore Jackie Sherry junior Marisa Vega.

For secretary: freshmen Scarlett Callahan and Taylor Morgan.

For treasurer: sophomore Jackie Heller and freshman Paula Kostro.

By Jenna Winter