SGA to hold frozen yogurt fund-raiser

Like frozen yogurt? Want to help make the Sept. 28 Homecoming dance extra special? The Student Government Association will hold a fund-raiser at the 1270 North Wickham Road Menchie’s location on Friday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“I think it will be successful since frozen yogurt appeals to almost everyone,” treasurer Alicia Ortiz said. “Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream, so I think people will come out to support SGA.”

SGA has planned a social media contest to help encourage attendance.

“We are using Twitter to help get the word out about the Menchie’s night,” senior Stephanie Everest said. “People need to retweet the tweets so someone can get a free frozen yogurt that will be paid for by SGA, or people can come up with creative sayings so they could also win the free frozen yogurt.”

Ten percent of the proceeds will return to SGA to offset the cost of homecoming decorations.