SGA plans for Character of the Month

Under-recogized students soon will have an opportunity to shine with Student Government Association’s new Character of the Month project.

SGA President Erin Sheridan said the members wanted to take time to recognize students who have done good deeds.

“As a club we realized that there are so many students at West Shore who have a talent or do something generous but no one gives credit to them,” Sheridan said.  “To us, it appears that the same people always get recognition and we wanted to spread the wealth. We decided to do a Character of the Month or possibly every two months depending on how many students actually partake in it.”

SGA will set up a box in the cafeteria where students can leave names of those they feel should be recognized. After the end of each month, SGA will make a selection and the winner will have a plaque to honor them.

The club has a detailed process for creating new events.

“The planning process for events is we get together as a group and start to figure out what we want to do,” Historian Megan Ward said. “Then we break up into smaller groups and the officers will oversee each group and like what’s going on and get things done”

By Aakilah Hernandez