SGA makes plans for winter dance


File photo

Chloe Desantis and Wesley Dennis share a moment as king and queen of the 2017 Homecoming dance.

The Student Government Association is planning to host a dance in January to replace the Homecoming dance that was canceled this year due to COVID-19.

“The theme of the winter dance formal is going to be Winter Wonderland, and it’s going to be a make-up Homecoming,” sophomore SGA treasurer Kate Burgess said.

Because COVID-19 continues to linger, some restrictions might be put in place at the dance.

“Administration and SGA are waiting to make anything set in stone regarding safety precautions,” Burgess said. “There will definitely be some, but to what extent is what we are waiting on.”

Sophomore Ryan Weaver said he hopes those health protocols aren’t too severe.

“I really hope it’s not too restricted because I really just want a normal dance,” he said. “I already missed out on two Homecoming dances.”

Senior Madison Mannix said she is happy to have a dance scheduled.

“We were all really upset that Homecoming got canceled for our senior year,” she said. “So we’re super-excited that they’re going to do another one as a replacement.”

By Jadyn Rutherford