SGA decides Spirit Week theme days

Lauren Youngson, Staff Writer

With Homecoming fast approaching, the themes for the days of Spirit Week have been decided by high school Student Government Association and approved by the administration.

“First we got input from everyone in the club to come up with ideas for the days as well as looking ideas up on the internet,” Spirit Week committee co-chair Brady Kelsey said. “We used all the ideas and then we took a vote on the best three to find the days for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

The results of the vote are ‘Tacky Tourist” Monday, “Be Who You Are Not” Tuesday, “Hillbilly/ City Slicker” Wednesday, “Class Color Day” (Thursday) and “Wildcat Day” (Friday).

“Personally, my favorite day is ‘Tacky Tourist Day’ because you can take that so many ways,” co-chair Lindsay Gorham said. “Also a lot of people can really get into it since we live in Florida.”

The Spirit Week days were approved by Assistant Principal Jim Melia and Athletics Director Kim Shepherd. Posters will be hung around school letting students know the themes for each day.

“I think people will like them because we voted for them in SGA and SGA represents a large amount of people at the school,” Kelsey said, “This year’s Spirit Week should be pretty fun.”