Seventh graders show off projects

From Stonehenge to World War II, seventh-graders spent the bulk of first semester researching projects of their choosing for the required independent research project.

“It’s the foundation for the research process all students are expected to understand throughout their school,” said Susan Woyshner, English teacher.

The I-Search project has several requirements including a binder with all findings and works cited, parenthetical citations, and a science board with an oral presentation.

Woyshner said the worst part of the project is the amount of time required to properly grade them. The projects took students approximately three months to complete. They were assigned on Aug. 11 and due on Nov. 8.

Woyshner said her favorite part about the I-Search project is watching the students’ oral presentations. Several I-Search boards were displayed in the media center for one week for other students to view. They were taken down on Dec. 12.

“I didn’t really like the project because everything had to be so exact with the formatting and stuff, but it was probably good practice for other projects that I’ll have to do,” seventh-grader Katelyn K. said.

By Taylor Eenhuis


Editor’s note: Brevard Public School policy prohibits the use of full name and images for middle-schoolers on its websites.