Seven seniors receive National Merit Scholarship

A new school record has been set for the number of students receiving the National Merit Scholarship. This year’s seven recipients are Colin Chan, Helen Gerlach, Karl Krehbiel, Amy Mosher, Carolyn Payne, Kelsey Savery and Anthony Vigil.

“We had more recipients this year because we have a senior class full of very intelligent students who have completed a very rigorous high school curriculum and who are very good at taking standardized tests,” guidance counselor Charles Keener said.

Between one and four students were chosen to receive the award in previous years.  Students are required to achieve a certain standard on the PSAT in their junior year in order to achieve the award. The standard changes every year depending on the scores of the other students who took the test.

“National Merit Finalists are coveted by colleges and universities and are frequently offered financial aid in an attempt to get them to attend,” Keener said.

The seven National Merit Scholars have a chance to receive a Finalist scholarship of $2,500.

“However, the biggest benefit is in college admissions and financial aid from individual colleges and universities,” Keener said.

By Addie Steele