Service club comes to a SADD ending

Due to the end of clubs during the school day, Student Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, will be unable to be a club next year. The departure of the club will also mean the loss of Red Ribbon Week, an annual event sponsored by SADD to promote awareness and encourage kids to live drug-free. Club sponsor English teacher Jessica Hartman laments the loss of the club.

“I have mixed emotions,” Hartman said. “I’m obviously sad because I think it is a good organization to have on campus because we do promote awareness. However, a lot of people do not participate in our activities, so I do see why we were axed.”

SADD member freshman Maggie Rice also be will sad to see the club go.

“I got all my [community service] hours through SADD, and all my friends were in it,” Rice said. “And, for me, it was a way to relax at the end of the day. Also, it was for a good cause.”

Sophomore Brianna Silvestre, while not involved with the club, says that she thinks the loss of the club is unfortunate.

“While I don’t think that SADD was really able to make a difference on campus, I do know that they did give a lot of money to the Red Cross. And the loss of that will be sad.”

By Molly Minta