Seniors Research on UCF Field Trip

In preparation for writing the Senior Paper, most of the senior class went on a field trip to the University of Central Florida campus last friday. The purpose of the trip was to conduct research and find relevant book sources from a library more extensive than that of a high school. While it was a preconception by most that the field trip would be helpful, there are seniors that argued the venture to be anything but that.

“It would depend on the person and if you actually tried,” senior Victoria Hernandez said. “I goofed off at the coffee shop for a while and didn’t get much [of] anything done.”

Hearing about the mixed messages from alumni, senior Caleb Bryant vouched to avoid the risk altogether.

“I thought it wasn’t worth the time and the money. It’s a really long bus ride there and back, and you only spend a couple of hours in the actual library doing research,” Bryant said.

Though the main claim is that the field trip is for research, Hernandez has a different take on it.

“It gets you to experience college life for a day and the UCF campus, which is a possible consideration to go to in the future,” she said.

Understanding the possible benefits that this field trip may have provided, Bryant believes he made the right choice in staying home.

“I have no regrets,” Bryant said.

By Ashleigh Rabel