Seniors prepare to submit final drafts

The final draft of the Senior Project research paper is due Nov. 18 and Eric Billhartz is stressing out about the deadline.

“I am a little bit worried that I won’t have the amount of support that [Senior Seminar teacher Amanda] Kopp wants,” he said. “I still need a print source and an interview source.”

Despite those obstacles, Bilhartz said he will finish the paper because the class has allowed him time at school to work on his paper.

Jamie Rushnell, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to be overly concerned about the approaching deadline.

“I’m not stressed out,” he said. “The paper really isn’t that hard. Other classes at West Shore prepared me for this type of writing. Mrs. Kopp keeps everyone on task and makes the deadlines attainable, so it’s easy to finish the Senior Project.”

Ernie Roth said he’s almost finished.

“I’m finally feeling confident with my paper,” he said. “It’s almost done and just needs some touch-up to do.”

An important aspect to the research is the interview with an expert in the field.

“So far it has not been easy to conduct the interview,” Billhartz said. “I plan to email [School Resource Officer Chuck] Landmesser. But every time I try to send the email, it doesn’t send properly.”

Rushnell also has struggled with the interview.

“The interview is one of the most difficult parts to me,” Rushnell said. “I have not yet found an interview, but I have outlined how I am going to put it in my paper.”

By Tess Landis