Seniors practice for upcoming boards

Seniors are creating an oral presentation to go along with their project to present April 22 in front of a panel of judges selected from the community. Erna Roth will present her project on how she cooked foods from around the world and Jamie Rushnell will explain how he built a remote-controlled helicopter.

“I’ve just been going over the slides in my head and I try not to worry too much,” Roth said. “I try to think of how I can be funny on the presentation which makes me quite calm and relaxed.”

The judges will score each presentation and provide a critique. Senior Project has been a yearlong process culminating in the presentation.

“Presenting is very nervous [thing], but I feel like it is a good way to showcase your speaking,” Rushnell said.

Seniors are required to include a slideshow in their presentations.

“PowerPoint was the easiest part,” Rushnell said. “Just practice and know your information, and you will do fine.”

This week, Senior Semester classes are preparing by speaking in other classes in order to practice in front of an audience.

“I am close to being fully prepared,” Rushnell said. “I feel I am ready to give a speech to a new audience.”

Roth said she looking forward to finishing her Senior Project.

“I am presenting in [math teacher Annamae] Milligan’s class and I feel not entirely nervous,” Roth said. “But I am ready to get over this big deal of presenting.”

By Tess Landis