Seniors choose icons to represent class

The seniors voted on a flower, motto, and song to represent the class of 2014 on Oct. 31 during homeroom. Given four choices in each category, they decided on the daisy as their class flower, “At least we tried,” as their motto, and “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons as their class song.

The daisy is often viewed as a symbol of childhood and therefore represents the senior class transitioning into adults. The pleasing appearance of the flower helped the daisy to gain the students’ approval.

“While it wasn’t my first pick, I think that a daisy is a good choice for the senior class flower because it is pretty. It isn’t a very girly flower, it is gender neutral, which is a good thing too,” senior Keiran Sheridan said.

Most of the senior class are sixth-year students at West Shore and over the years have found themselves exerting less and less effort, hence the motto “At least we tried.”

“Our motto represents us because we are all a bunch of sarcastic teenagers that have become procrastinators and have developed senioritis,” senior Samantha Unger said.

“It’s Time” is an alternative song about staying true to one’s self even as aspects of their life, such as the environment, change.

“The song is a good choice because the lyrics are about seizing the day and living in the moment while also remembering your past. As a senior, this song gives me good advice on how to make the year memorable,” senior Kristina Manning said.