Senior to teach self-defense class

Senior Lauren Sadowski will teach a self-defense class for her Senior Project in the media center Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“I will teach some basic physical defense moves such as wrist and arm grabs and some ground work,” Sadowski said via email.

Sadowski said the class is free and open to anyone, but students must complete a liability form and return it before or on the day of the class.

“I have the fliers and liability forms if anyone is interested,” she said.

Sadowski became interested in self-defense in preparation for life beyond high school.

“Next year I will be off at college and on my own in the first time in my life,” Sadowski said. “[It] frightened me a bit, especially since I’m not the most intimidating person in the world.”

Sadowski says she hopes her class will spark student interest in self-defense.

“[The class could] have [the kids] realize how important self-defense is, especially in this day and age,” Sadowski said. “Maybe [it will] get them to go into self-defense as well. [Knowing how to] defend yourself is so important because sometimes you can’t avoid dangerous situations. If [you] are ever in a scary and potentially dangerous situation, it’s important to know how to protect yourself.”

Melissa Henderson, Sadowski’s Senior Project faculty sponsor, agrees.

“If [children] are ever in a situation that make them feel uncomfortable, they need to be able to defend themselves,” she said. “Lauren’s class could really save their lives.”

Henderson added that adults should consider attending the class.

“You just never know what is out there in the world,” she said. “There are bullies for grown-ups too.”

By Andrew Lim