Senior hopes to lift spirits with myth-busters project

Senior Seminar is heating up this week as students prepare to present their myth-buster speeches to instructor Jessica Hartman and their peers. Senior Melinda Silaghi, who actively serves as a co-president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has taken it upon herself to represent her faith through the project.

“The subject that I chose to speak on is the resurrection of Jesus Christ: proving the historicity and validity of the resurrection,” Silaghi said. “With the presentation, I hope that students will be intrigued — even surprised — by the amount of evidence present to back up the resurrection of Jesus. I hope that [the presentation] will have them thinking, and I pray that God would touch their hearts so that they would want to know Him.”

Hartman has been informed of Silaghi’s presentation plans.

“[Melinda] is an excellent student who will clarify everything to make sure she’s doing things right,” Hartman said. “She always volunteers first to present and she is very passionate about the topic she picked. Her presentation is supported with a substantial amount of solid evidence.”

Despite the nerves that come with giving a presentation in front of a classroom full of  peers, Silaghi feels confident giving her speech next week.

“I am mostly resting on God’s wisdom,” Silaghi said. “He has already shown me so many different things about this subject and has allowed many of my friends to be extremely supportive and helpful. My prayer is that although I have my speech ready, that I have my ear turned to God and that I would say what He gives me to say. I know that I am not alone [with this] and that Jesus is with me. I also know that the evidence for Christ really is mind-boggling. It is impossible to resist it. I want to give the glory of this presentation over to God.”

By Lauren Novak