Senior class shirts available for pickup

Senior Class T-shirts will be available for pickup in Portable 7 before and after school and during lunch beginning Friday. The long-sleeve tops were designed by Gift Sawangkum and represent the Class of 2014. A total of 39 shirts were sold with proceeds going to help fund the senior breakfast scheduled for Feb. 25. According to Senior Class President Jenna, the shirt sale raised more than $90.

The shirts provide an opportunity for seniors to unite and show pride for their school accomplishments. Senior Shaun Wilson, who attends Eastern Florida State College as an early admissions student, made sure he purchased a shirt.

“It’s a way to let me know that even though I am a full-time EFSC student, I am still a part of West Shore and the senior class,” he said. “I love the opportunity to show off that I am a senior because it makes me feel powerful and reminds me of just how little time I have left in high school.”

Those who purchased shirts are planning to wear them next Tuesday to display their spirit. However, members of the girls’ soccer team will not be able to participate because they must wear their team shirts on game days.

“I wish I didn’t have to miss out on wearing the senior shirt with everyone else because moments like these bring us closer,” Sarah Brusca said. “Representing the senior class is something we all enjoy doing just because we know that we have only a few chances left to be together as a whole before the year is over.”