Senior Class plans ‘icy’ fundraiser

The Senior Class is trying to organize a fundraiser at the Space Coast Iceplex in Rockledge.

“We’re planning this fundraiser to get everybody to go ice-skating and have a bit of fun,” sponsor Melissa Henderson said. “Everybody meaning the whole school, not just the seniors. It will help in building the relationships between the all of the kids.”

The tickets will be $10 each.

“The biggest thing is making sure people would actually want to go because we think it has a lot of money-making potential,” Senior Class officer Erika Caliari said.

The date is undecided, but the Senior Class hopes to schedule the event sometime in the winter.

“Most people do not have an opportunity to go ice-skating since we live in Florida, and it would be fun to go experience something new,” Senior Class member Doug Fisher said. “We need about 60 kids to go for us to start making a profit, so everyone should go. Get a car-pool going, ask a friend to drive you, support your Senior Class.”

By Ally Bauler