Senior Class hosts Jersey Mike’s fund-raiser

With Prom approaching, members of the Senior Class have begun to raise money to pay for the expenses. On Friday, there will be a fund-raiser held at Jersey Mike’s — located at Babcock and Hibiscus.

Senior Class president Jonathan Wakim said working with the sandwich shop will be the first for the Senior Class.

“We previously did one at Tropical Smoothie and we didn’t get what we were hoping for exactly,” he said. “So were hoping that this fund-raiser will be a lot better. We’re trying to lower prom tickets to around $25. Were also trying to subsidize graduation so it’ll be completely free.”

Senior Class sponsor Paula Ladd said the main purpose of the fund-raiser is to help pay for all of the common activities the seniors participate in.

“We supplement Prom, senior breakfast, the King Center for graduation and we help pay for part of Grad Bash,” she said. “That’s what the money goes towards. I hope people will come to the fundraiser.”

Wakim said he hopes the boys’ basketball Senior Night — which is the same night — will draw attention to the fund-raiser before the game.

“We’re hoping that senior night will help out [to draw publicity] because the event is from 4 to 8, so were hoping that people would go to Jersey Mike’s before the game and get some food then go to the game,” he said.

The  Jersey Mike’s fund-raiser will be held from 4 p.m.  to 8p.m. Fifteen percent of the proceeds will be donated to the  Senior Class.

By Briana Sandoval