Senior Class chooses Long’s song

The Senior Class has decided on an original piece for their its song, written by 12th-grader Jesse Long.

“I feel like it’s something that will make our class stand out from the rest,” senior Bianca Taraschi said. “No one else will be able to say they had their Senior Class song basically dedicated to them and written by someone as talented as Jesse Long is.”

Taraschi called the song impressive.

“He has come up with such compelling song lyrics that there won’t be a dry eye on that stage at graduation — at least from the girls,” she said.

For Long, the song doubles as his Senior Project product.

“The feeling that went through me when I found out that my song was going to be our class song is almost unexplainable,” Long said. “The lyrics symbolize what all of us are thinking. My song has more meaning than any other song that could have been picked. I wrote it for us.”

When the time comes for his class member to hear it, Long hopes they know that they were his inspiration.

“I am going to have the song played on the radio during Project Graduation, a time in which the Senior Class will all be together and having fun one last time,” he added. “It’s hard to believe that we have only six short months until graduation. West Shore’s Class of 2012 means so much to me.”

By Ally Bauler