Senator favors Christmas Break over Winter Break

Millie Rosasco

Though Florida sees little seasonal variation, it public school systems may soon see a big winter change.

Florida Sen. Stephen Wise of Jacksonville recently proposed a bill requiring that each school district  “refer to to period during which school is not in session and which includes Christmas Day as Christmas Break rather than Winter Break.”

“The terminology ‘Winter Vacation’ has been around for awhile, so I’ve become used to it,” Spanish teacher Anita Unrath said. ”Although I and many others celebrate Christmas and other students celebrate Hanukah, I don’t see the point in changing it back.”

Sen. Wise said while respecting the rights or the minority, they may have to learn to adjust to the majority.

“I don’t think its fair to call it Christmas Break over Winter Break because I celebrate Hanukah,” eighth-grader Lev Freeman said.  “I wouldn’t like saying I’m on Christmas Break, just like Christians wouldn’t like saying they’re on Hanukah Break.”

Feeling as though calling it Winter Break is belittling a tradition, Sen. Wise has asked the legislature to remember the reason we’re off this time of year.

“Government can’t really sanction religion,” senior Doug Fisher said. “All the kids who celebrate other holidays would have a break for a religion holiday they don’t celebrate. I don’t agree with the bill proposal even though I’m Christian.”

If this bill passes the Legislature, students will see the name change as early as next year.