Semester exams begin Thursday

West Shore is known for its top-of-the-line test scores and those are directly influenced by the amount of studying students do. With exams coming up, students are cramming in as much work as they can.

“I feel pretty prepared for all my exams coming up because now that my AP exams are over, I can focus on my core classes,” junior Alicia Handley said. “I have been cramming a little trying to get various study guides done and trying to turn in work I might have missed when I was out testing, but I think in the end I’ll do fine.”

Sophomore Jojo Lawrence shared a different perspective.

“I’m really stressed out for my exams. I feel like my teachers are loading a bunch of work onto us now, and it’s giving us less time to just focus on our exams,” Lawrence said. “I also have work after school, so juggling all this is pretty stressful. I hope I find time to get everything done.”

The exam schedule is as follows: Thursday, seventh period; Friday, first and fourth periods; Monday, second and fifth periods; and Tuesday third and sixth periods.

By Kenzie Scott