Security tightens due to thefts

Felicia Solazzo and Stephanie Shaw, Staff Writers

Due to multiple cellphone thefts, the locker rooms will be closed at 3:45 p.m. each day. Coaches will have the ability to open the locker rooms for their teams if needed.

“Whichever student is stealing the cell phones has no respect for their fellow Wildcats,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said.

According to the administration, the police will be brought into the situation and press charges if necessary.

“It’s upsetting to know that each day, this thief looks you in the eye and walks by you — whether its in the cafeteria, classrooms or halls,” School Resource Officer Charles Landmesser said. “All we need is information from other students, and this problem can be fixed.”

For three days in a row, cell phones have been stolen from the boys’ locker room .

“I put my phone in the pocket of my backpack before soccer practice,” sophomore Ryan Robidoux said. “When I came back, all the pockets were open, as if someone searched my whole backpack, and my phone was gone.”