School district moves air conditioning control to Rockledge

For the past two weeks, the school has been experiencing a transition from being able to control classrooms temperatures on campus to having them controlled them from a centralized facility located in Rockledge. But the transition hasn’t been seamless. Rooms have been alternately too warm and too cool.

“I obviously don’t want the classrooms to be uncomfortable, but we’ve run into some problems during the transition,” said Assistant Principal Jim Melia, who oversees facilities issues. It’s been a rough couple of days for some of the teachers because some of the classrooms have gotten really hot, but they’re very understanding about it, and we’ve got the majority of the problems worked out now.”

In an attempt to cut energy costs, a new centralized system has been designed to control temperatures at all Brevard Public Schools.

“The change won’t bother me at all unless they decide to set the rooms either really cold or really hot, but I think they’ll be pretty reasonable with the temperature so it shouldn’t be a big deal,” sophomore Desiree Corbin said. By Riegel Spogen.