School audit scheduled for Tuesday

Marley Butcher, Connect Editor

West Shore has always strived to achieve more than the state standards. Whether it’s grades, scores or sports, the school aspires to be on top. On Tuesday, a team from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will preform a campus wide audit. West Shore was one of the 18 schools selected from the 86 schools in the Brevard County.

Principal Rick Fleming provided an overview of what the team will do while on campus.

“Eighteen schools get selected every five years to take place in an accreditation or audit,” he said. “Since West Shore is the best, we were selected to be one of them. This is going to let West Shore really show our stuff. We get to show off just how good we really are. The district has a plan for what schools are supposed to cover. What the auditors are here to do is make sure that we are staying on this plan and covering what we need to cover. They are going to interview a select group of students, teachers, parents and advisers. Then they’ll take that information and match it up to the district plan. The accreditation is going to verify that West Shore is a real school and that we actually teach our students the district curriculum. The team is just going to try and get a feel for how we teach our students and how well all you students do. ”

Junior Bianca Taraschi is one of the students chosen to be interviewed. “Two students from each grade were selected,” Taraschi said. “We all attended a meeting complete with parents, administration, teachers and students. Mr. Fleming gave us a list of questions about the school, and we had to answer them honestly. Then we presented our answers to the rest of the groups. This helped us get a feel for what we’re going to be asked and to make sure that we answered honestly.”

Eighth-grade English teacher Adrienne Gent — who has a master’s in curriculum and is National Board Certified is one of the teachers selected.

“For teachers, the auditors will be looking for our students’ performance, how we as teachers assess the district’s vision and purpose and for leadership,” Gent said. “In the teacher’s group there is a wide diversity of departments. There are teachers from science, foreign language, English, math, history and more.”

Bill Troner is on the committee of parents that are to be interviewed. His son, David, is a senior.

“I was most likely picked to be among this group of people because I’ve been involved in the school for six years,” Troner said. “I am aware of the aspects of the school. [The parents] met as a group and talked about we all knew regarding West Shore. We shared views, opinions and our outstanding experiences throughout the journey of West Shore.”

The interviews will all take place during the day and only two representatives from the team will be on campus.

“Since we’re West Shore, we decided to prepare our selectees for what type of questions that will be asked just for them to get a feel,” Fleming said. “However there is no doubt in my mind that West Shore will pass with flying colors.”