Schedule change shifts Project Graduation to Fun Town

Brittany Cho, News Editor

An unexpected change in the graduation date has created obstacles for Project Graduation, the annual all-night celebration for the school’s newest graduates. Due to a scheduling conflict at the King Center, the graduation ceremony had to be moved from May 20 to May 19, necessitating a corresponding shift for Project Graduation, which has been from Pro Health Fitness to Fun Town.

“After the first day, the evidence was clear that we had a problem,” Project Graduation President Jeff Glatter said. “This change hit Project Graduation like a storm. We’re still assessing the damage. We will schedule extra meetings and form search committees for alternates.”

Fun Town was chosen based availability, price and location.

“Pro Health cannot accommodate us on a weeknight,” he said. “We had a search committee look at different venues and the Project Graduation committee voted on Fun Town.”

Senior Chelsey Herrell says she’s happy with the decision.

“I think it will be more fun than the health club,” she said. “I’d rather roller-skate than swim at a health club. That’s where I go to work out.”

Senior Kelly Ladd isn’t completely sold on the idea.

“Fun town seems a little lame, just a bit,” Ladd said. “But I think it will still be fun.”

Parent chaperones as well as entertainers may need to adjust their schedules.

“The change places an extra burden on parent chaperones who need to spend the night,” Glatter said. “There are now conflicts with working the next day or other siblings who have to attend school on Friday. Also, It is unclear yet whether the ‘FunPlanners’ entertainment team we hired can do the even on a Thursday night. ”

Though the graduation change has caused various issues for Project Graduation, its Winter Dance fund-raiser on Jan. 29 raised $2,000.

“It’s unfortunate, but we don’t live in a perfect world,” dance organizer and parent volunteer Eileen Baglivio said. “We have to make the best of every situation, and we have fantastic parents investigating all possible options.”

Upcoming Project Graduation fund-raisers include an on-campus show featuring a comedic hypnotist on Feb. 25 and a golf tournament at Cocoa Beach Country Club schedule for spring.

“Hopefully, the golf tournament, set for April 9, will be as successful as years past and will allow us enough funding to give a great final West Shore night,” she said.

Glatter remains positive as well.

“We are going to reach out to the whole West Shore community, both parents and students to step up for assistance if we are going to make this happen,” he said. “West Shore is a resilient school that can accept any challenge and I am confident that we will get it done.”