Sarver headlines bookstore fundraiser

By Keiran Sheridan, Staff Writer

Besides their names beginning with the letter “S,” teacher Bob Sarver and Dr. Seuss would seem to have little in common. The sometimes crusty AP Government and Economics teacher Bob Sarver will read a Dr. Seuss book to children at the school’s annual Barnes and Noble Night fund-raiser on Wednesday night.

“I will read the Dr. Seuss book with all the vigor and enthusiasm that I do everything with,” Sarver said.”Underneath this sad, sour veneer of a person, there is someone who does things such as read books to children.”

The event’s sponsors have been looking for a way to boost attendance.

“Participation had begun to fall out, so this year we said ‘What can we do to get more students out?’” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said. “After lots of thinking, we had an idea: Invite Mr. Sarver to read a Dr. Seuss book. We are expecting a great turnout.”

The event begins at 5 p.m. and  will feature student and teacher performances throughout the evening. Barnes and Noble Night is a book fair from which the school receives a percentage of the total profits from the evening’s purchases.

“The money raised during the fund-raiser goes towards the schools small learning communities — which make up our homeroom program — and is also used to pay for the summer training for teachers who meet to write the curriculum for each of the grade levels,” Melia said.”It is normally a very sucessful night.”

Throughout the night, musical groups including the school’s jazz band, orchestra and chorus will be performing.

“Jazz band is always a big hit there. They love to come out and play and help support our school,” Melia said. “We used to have the improv team come out and perform, but that fell by the wayside this year.”