Robotics class prepares for upcoming space mission

Robotics class prepares for upcoming space mission

The advanced robotics class is preparing for its upcoming space mission by learning how to use advanced programming blocks such as the variable block and random block.

“We have learned how to use the variable block and the random block,” robotics teacher Jill Whitacre said. “The variable block writes and reads a number of rotations or light value. The random block is really cool because the robot picks a number between one and seven, goes forward and it has to measure what it did and get back to where it started.”

The students complete learning missions to show their complete understanding of the new blocks.

“For one of [the missions] we had to code the robot to go a random amount of rotations forward but stop when an object was 4 centimeters  away,” Bonnie R. (8) said. “After it stopped, it had to use its medium motor to lower its arm and obtain the object. While it was doing all of that, it had to measure that random distance and go the same distance backwards to the starting position.”

Even if the missions are difficult students still learn and have fun.

“Everybody is helping each other and really it is quite impressive,” Whitacre said. “I’m learning stuff. Everybody’s learning.”

The learning lessons are helping to prepare students for their upcoming space missions.

Whitacre said she thinks the learning lessons will help the students understand how to use data wires to get the robot back to its starting position after it has completed the mission.

By Abby Hedrick

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district sponsored websites.