Roar ramps up social media presence

The Roar publications team now has more of a social media platform. Snapchat, Twitter and Phhhoto are now accessible for students to see photo of the day.

“I think it will be good publicity since everyone is on social media and it will be a good way to spread it,” sophomore Allie Henderson said. “You can follow us on Snapchat, Twitter and Phhhoto at westshoreroar.”

The publication team is promising to keep up with the social media by posting on Snapchat with the photo of the day and providing the link to stories on The Roar website.

“We are trying to find an easier way for students to be more involved with our school’s publications,” fellow sophomore Rachel Stazzone said. “Not a lot of people visit the website and we hope to bring in more readers by being more involved in social media.”

By Sarah Edmiston