Restroom wall secrets go public

Walking into the Building 4 restroom, sophomore Michelle Smith looked into the middle stall to see “secrets” written on the wall. Below it an arrow pointing to three rows of sticky notes was taped to the wall along with a Sharpie encouraging girls to share their secrets.

“I looked at what some of the notes said, and my first thought was that it was sort of lame. It’s vandalism,” Smith said.

Several students told Assistant Principal Jackie Ingratta about the writing and the messages which were promptly removed.

Ingratta said such vandalism doesn’t occur often, but if the person continues and is caught she could receive anything from a phone call to her parents to an expulsion.

After this incident Assistant Principal Jim Melia sent an email to teachers reminding teachers that every student who leaves the classroom must have a planner-pass with them and that from now on the rule will be strictly enforced.

By Jamie Cox