Reports cards to be issued Tuesday

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

Report cards will be distributed Tuesday to students in their seventh-period classes.

“I’m not too nervous about my report card because of Edline,” junior Tyler Moscrip said. “I know exactly what grades I’m going to get because all my teachers post it way before report cards are even out.”

Guidance counselor Glenda Lovel said she believes printed report cards are unnecessary.

“A paper copy of a report card will soon be something of the past,” Lovel said. “In the end, it’s only the semester grades that count, and the grades on report cards are irrelevant.”

Guidance clerk Dixie Thompson said if students are absent when report cards are distributed, they will receive them the following day.

“Their seventh-period teacher will usually hold the students’ report cards a few days,” Thompson said. “If not, students can pick them up here in guidance.”