Renaissance Fair to host Education Day

The Brevard Renaissance Festival will close out its month-long celebration with an Education Day on Feb. 1. The event held each January at Wickham Park is based on the culture and happenings of the Europe’s Renaissance period.

“I think that the Renaissance Fair is a really good opportunity to attract kids our age to go see the event and go participate in the event just because I feel like we are losing a lot of our history,” Laya Damaraju (9) said. “Kids these days, even though they learn about our past in history classes, they don’t really pay attention sometimes.”

The festival has a large cast of people dressed up in the Renaissance attire, playing music, dancing, jousting and acting. The event also includes artisans, merchants and food from the Renaissance era.

“The part of this event that intrigues me the most are the Viking actors,” Faith Collins (9) said. “I feel as though the Vikings are inspiring in the way that they are seen as strong and resilient. I feel that seeing the Vikings portrayed by actors gives a visual perspective to what must have gone down in their historical past.”

There will be more than 70 stage shows. Along with these there will also be choreographed fighting, belly dancing and knights in armor. The price for the event is $10 for adults (12 and up) and $5 for children (ages 5-11). Children under 5 years old can attend the event free of charge.

By Aarushi Vyas