Reasons for Prom pricing disputed

Before dancing and taking pictures with friends  Saturday, juniors and seniors alike have to buy their Prom tickets. With ticket costing $40 for seniors and $50 for juniors, some upperclassmen have expressed displeasure with the prices.

Senior SAC Rep. Nicholas Stelter said he understands the Junior Class’s price point, but not is happy with it.

“Forty dollars for the seniors is the best we could do given that the Junior Class set the price at $50,” Stelter said. “However, it would have been nice to see the starting price a little bit lower. For example, last year’s Junior Class set the price at $35. They were a bit more crafty, like they did lot of things homemade and DIY.” 

Senior William Cosker agreed with Stelter regarding the cost, but for different reasons.

“The price of Prom tickets is way too expensive given the bad venue,” Cosker said. “It’s really small and there is almost no room to dance. The food is also pretty bad.”

Junior Class President Gianni Valenti said targeting his organization for cost complaints is misdirected.

“The senior-subsidized tickets are not our responsibility,” he said. “The Junior Class is in charge of setting the Prom prices we need to in order to pay for the Prom. They were $50 because of the quality of decorations we are going to have.” 

Valenti said the Senior Class subsidizes senior ticket prices.

“It is the Senior Class’s responsibility to pay for a portion of the senior tickets,” he said. “If any senior has a problem with their ticket price, they should be mad at themselves for not participating in Senior Class fund-raisers.” 

Valenti also promises attendees will not be disappointed with the “Enchanted Forest” -themed Prom.

“Everything will be worth it on April 1 when they have an awesome time with their friends,” he said.

By Dylan O’Bryan