Purrfections left to practice in a furnace

Juan Rodriguez, News Anchor

Known as the Purrfections, West Shore’s Dance Team has had to practice in the auditorium with no air conditioning, the system having broke down on Friday, Aug. 21 for unknown reasons.

On Saturday, Aug. 22, the Purrfections held their first practice in the auditorium.

“We had a five hour practice,” junior Sarah Petrone said. “Obviously we can’t go outside to cool off because we live in Florida, which is hot and humid all the time.”

“I was dripping sweat,” senior Megan Ward said. “After five hours of choreography, I was ready to die.”

Due to the middle school basketball teams and girls’ volleyball team occupying the gym and the cheerleaders taking the cafeteria, the Purrfections must practice in the auditorium.

“It’s really frustrating because there’s a basketball court outside and the basketball players refuse to leave the gym,” sophomore Rachel Montgomery said. “Our shoes can only work on some floors, such as marley and carpet, but we could also use the gym floor and the cafeteria.”

Petrone has suggested sharing the court.

“Middle School basketball is a small team, so we could split the court in half,” Petrone said.

Fortunately, for the dancers, the new assistant principal, Catherine Halbuer, was able to take portable air units from the gym.

“The fans are decent,” senior captain Devin Dolnik said. “They’re certainly better than nothing.”

The Purrfections will perform at the first girls’ basketball home game on Thursday, Nov. 12 if they are not able to perform at the Homecoming pep rally on Wednesday, Sept. 23.